Friday, June 09, 2006


We hope to raise $6000. $1 for every mile ridden. There are three ways to donate online with your credit card. You can also send us a check. Find the address here. Some employers will match your contribution. Let us know if you need ROR's tax ID number for this.

1) 90% to ROR, 10% to support the ride. Unfortunately, this option is not tax-deductible. But it will be very helpful to the riders. You may also specify any other break down of funds that you like. Just let us know in the comments section.

2) 100% tax-deductible donation directly to Reach Out and Read. Under the Gift Information heading, please fill in on the occasion of "Ride for ROR."

Donate Here

Please remember to recognize the Ride for ROR in your donation or we will have no way of knowing that you donated.

3) Donate separately with each link above. That way your donation to Reach Out and Read can be 100% tax-deductible. Then you can also send whatever amount you desire to the riders through paypal and have 100% of it go to support the tour. Just be sure to tell us in the comments section what you are doing.

We thank you very much for your support. Check back soon for updates.

Donors as of 9/12/06

Mel and Patty Alperin
Amity Bike
Annie's Homegrown
Carolina Balsbaugh
Richard and Maureen Balsbaugh
Martha Beebe
Amy Belkin
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Bishop
Kenny, Sondra, and Emma Bogursky
Erica Bonthrone
Tim Brett
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Brogadir
Shanna Brownstein
Jessica Gifford Busch
Dr. Stephen Castracane
Jenn Cavalari
David Cepoi
Joyce Della Chiesa
Clif Bar
Da Boyz Pizza - Yuma, AZ
Mary Davis
Peter and Sheila DePascale
Becky DiSavino
Christopher Donovan
Richard Doucette
Paul EnderlePatrick Essig
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Forman
Marcy Gandolfini
Joshua Gerber
Andy and Rachel Goldfarb
Peter Gori
Charles (Timmy G) Grayson
Courtney Greene
Janice Greenwald
Scott Hawkins
Eric Hersh
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Hersh
Larry and Roslyn Hiller
Matt Houlahan
Steven Huffstutlar
Meredith Johnson
Heather Kahler
Kathy Keating
Quinn and Chrissy Keating
Marianne Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt Koral
Johannes Kratz
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Kurns
Elaine Lamphier
Bianca and Ed Latessa
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Levy
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Margolies
David Natkin
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Natkin
Heidi Natkin and Gilson Sirvas
Lisa Natkin and Jon Levy
Sarah Pacheco
Steve Payne and Lee Reid
Danica Perez
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Schpero
Benjamin Schreiner
Joel and Gloria Schwartz
Timothy Sharpe
Brian and Penney Stone
Natalia Subira-Cordova
Eva Claire Synkowski
Rachel Tyler
Vitale, Caturano & Company Foundation
Carol Wilgus
Wilson Backcountry Sports
Mark Winthrop
Eliot Wright

I can update paypal donors immediately. It will take some time for those who donate directly to ROR or via check to be added to the website. We will be getting period updates from them on donors.


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